It all started at Dave and Busters. Having fun. Playing games and having dinner. It was time to go party. Where should we go? The city or local. We decided to go local because we had a friend who was in dire need of some company. On the way, a servant of the devil had a good idea to stop at his house and drink a little before we head to the bars. Well, that little turned out to be a lot. We meet fozzy bear at the prearranged meeting spot and he bought the birthday lush a shot of tequila and some fu fu drink. We then headed out to another bar. See Picture 1. The birthday boy only got a beer but the wobble in his step was noticeable. Being an fellow over consumer of the poison myself(but not this night. I was the designated driver. Remember kids, Don't Drink and Drive), I noticed the signs of a soon to be porcelain worshipper. As I was escorting him to the door, the bouncer saw his condition and laughed. Ah, but who will have the last laugh! Once outside he did what all drunks do from falling off the earth, he grabbed the nearest object that was anchored to the ground. In this case it was the railing outside the bar. At this point I knew his condition was getting worse, so there was only one thing left to do. Take Pictures! I ran to the car and got my Dig Camera. On the way back I saw the making the birthday move away from bar. Well, lets just say he was so jolly anymore. It turns out that as the bouncer was asking him to step away, the birthday boy vomited over the railing. This is where the pictures begin. I warn you, so of the photos are not so pleasant. Right Click on picture and select View Image to get a better look.

This is the bar where the birthday boy had his first experience with over consumption of the Devil's brew. He is in there but the flash is not meant to go that far, therefore crappy pic.
This is the railing. Plus some other goodies.
Ah, the drunk. Do I need to say more?

This is fozzy bear. After a night of disappointment, he feels this is his last chance. Unfortunately for fozzy, the birthday boy will pass on this gift.

At this point the bouncer came out again with some water to wash the memories. With an angry voice he said "Take a picture of this!", I replied "already did." Then the angry man lectured us on puking etiquette. Not getting the respect that he thinks he deserved he got angrier and with the pointing of his finger said "This is not funny. I will remember you two." Now that's funny stuff.

Just as a side note, this is the same place that yelled at me for drinking out the pitcher. The bartender said "Hey buddy, we have class here." And handed me a glass. This is a college bar where people throw peanut shells on the floor.

The long walk to the car.
Where am I and why is the world spinning so fast?
We just dropped off fozzy bear and we heading to drop off the Devil's servant when I hear this mumble come out of the birthday boy. I say "What?". The Devil's servant says, "he is gonna puke". I pull over quickly screaming "open the door". He barely gets the door open and starts to heave. Well, I am blocking an entrance to a parking lot and just my luck a cop wants to go in there. I inch forward enough for him to get by and he circles around to get a good look at the birthday boy showing his dinner. Lucky for us the cops like their donut break more than busting balls. It turns out he was just waiting for his buddy, so he left us alone. Not one of his best pics.
Here we are dropping off the Spawn of Satan. This is the first time I get to see how well he missed the inside of my car, obviously a rookie.
Here we are home at last.
Here his is anchoring himself to the sink. Seems study enough.
Man, a night of excessive alcohol and uking sure makes a man thirsty.
Needless to say, he felt bad and gave the water back.
The festival went on for another couple of hours. Being the nice person I am, I made sure the lush got cleaned up and into a nice warm disposable bed by a cozy 4 am.
Friday, December 1, 2000 10:51 PM